Dan with More IT and Henry

My third book, More Impossible Tales, launched at the end of July 2016. Martin Spore, a very talented illustrator, agreed to be involved again.

If you thought the original set of Tales couldn’t be beaten, prepare yourself for a shock! You’ll meet a second-hand wig that protects its owner, a girl who gets into a stomach-churning situation and a camera that is able to do a lot more than just snap pictures, to name but a few of the off-the-wall themes.

Prepare to believe that anything is possible…again!

Sample reviews from amazon.co.uk

Another fantastic book by the brilliant Dan Worsley. You know when it’s a good book when you are arguing with your other half over who takes the kids to bed so that they can read the next story! Each story is unique in plot yet all ensure that you are drawn in from the start so that you, as the reader, experience the roller coaster of events and emotions that the characters endure. My children loved it…there were plenty of ‘laugh out loud’ moments as well as lots of gruesome ‘urghs’. Ideal for KS2 age children, either to read independently or as a shared story, each story being of a perfect length. I shall definitely be taking this in to my school when we return after the summer break, to share with my class…well, that’s if my two let me. Well done, Dan!”

“Another brilliantly entertaining book of short stories from Dan Worsley. Each story is perfectly aimed at keeping kids hanging on to your every word at bedtime – and each chapter is exactly the right length for that purpose. Double whammy! The stories feature children in the lead roles, have quirky twists in the plots, create lots of giggles and the kids still talk about different parts of them for days afterwards. If that’s not a sign of a great storytelling skill, I don’t know what is. Well done Dan. We love it!”

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