Dan with Impossible Tales Kids

Whilst I was teaching, I noticed topics and themes that captured the children’s enthusiasm and imagination more than others. Over a number of years, I started to formulate short stories around these areas which included superpowers, pirates and dinosaurs to name but a few. I decided to set the stories in real life with settings and characters the kids were familiar with and could relate to. Action, adventure and humour were priorities, plus plenty of twists and turns which were thrown in to keep the readers on their toes. After lots of planning and hard work, ‘Impossible Tales!’ was born and was launched in October 2014.

Listen to an extract from Blown Away, a Tale featuring a boy with a very big problem!

Examples of reader reviews on amazon.co.uk:

“I bought this book for my 8 year old son & I’m so glad I did. He absolutely loves it & couldn’t put it down. Hearing him laugh whilst reading makes me extremely happy. Great tales filled with excitement, humour & surprise. I would strongly recommend this book for primary school children.
Who better to write for children than an experienced teacher. Well done Dan, looking forward to the next instalm
“Fantastic read for kids or for bedtime stories.”
“This has been a great set of short stories to get 7-11 year olds reading. Exciting storylines, fabulous description and loads of fun! As a teacher there’s lots to use in lessons but my 9 (and 6 year old) have loved the stories too! Personal favourites being: Chewed Up & Blown Away.”
“Having been a teacher for almost 40 years I relied on certain tried and tested books I knew the children liked and would be entertained by. Were I still teaching this book would join that exclusive list. The stories are just the right length for children to read or to be read out loud and their entertainment value is second to none. No longer a teacher my grandchildren will love this book! Buy it and you will not be disappointed.”

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