Working with Dan Worsley over the years has been a joy; there are very few people who show the same level of commitment to engage all children to listen, read and write! Needless to say, Dan is an extremely talented writer and storyteller, but what makes working with Dan special is his ability to inspire every child and adult in a room. Whether it is for a small family workshop or a whole school assembly, Dan delivers a magical experience for all.
Inviting Dan Worsley to work with Grundy Art Gallery has been really exciting, as we’re always testing out new ideas of how we can work together to put the children’s learning first. No task is too big or too small, no challenge unaccepted, because we know working together in Blackpool requires some trial and error. We’ve developed storytelling sessions in situ to secret code breaking workshops, all with the same objective: to bring the love of literacy and creativity together.