My first visit to Strike Lane was during early 2016 and I had a great time sharing the original Tales and Eric with the pupils. When I was invited to return to share ‘More Impossible Tales’, I didn’t have to think twice.

Key Stage 2 listened really well as I explained how the Tales started life as a batch of ideas before lots of writing and editing turned them into finished stories. The pupils also saw Martin’s amazing cover design and title illustrations during the various stages of development. I finished off the assembly by putting on the storytelling waistcoat to share one of the new Impossible Tales. The response from the children was ace!

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting each class where I signed copies of the books and answered lots of questions. The children wanted to know lots of different things ranging from the time it takes to write the stories to how I get paid for writing the books. I love the Q&A sessions as I always get asked lots of new questions. Some of them really make me think!

I had a great time at Strike Lane Primary and I’d like to thank Mrs Bamber for inviting me along.




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