Working with children and young people is without doubt the best part of my writing adventure. I offer a range of activities and attend many different events including school visits, literary festivals and library events. 

September 2020 Update

At the time of posting, schools are fully reopening and I am happy to resume my in-person author visits, with all Covid-safe regulations implemented. However, I fully understand that inviting me into school might not be an option just yet. If that’s the case, how about a virtual visit? Beam me into your school and I’ll enthuse and excite your pupils about reading and writing via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or your preferred method.

Virtual Author Assembly 

  • My writing adventure
  • 2 x story extracts including author analysis
  • Writing hints and tips
  • Dan’s recommended KS2 reads
  • Q&A/author chat

Duration = 40 minutes

Cost = £45

Virtual Storytelling Assembly 

As above, plus I’ll put on my storytelling waistcoat and perform one of the Impossible Tales!

Duration = 55 minutes

Cost = £60

Books For School

Follow up the virtual visit by allowing your pupils to read more of the stories I shared during our time together. I am happy to sign and dedicate a copy of each of my books (five in total) for your school and post them directly to any destination within the UK.

Cost = £25

The world feels like a very different place at the minute and I am adapting and evolving, as I guess you are too. I’m totally open to ideas and suggestions should you wish to discuss other virtual options for your school. Please just give me a shout and let’s see what we can do!

Check out the fabulous feedback from some of my recent virtual sessions:


“The virtual session ran so smoothly with Dan enchanting the children with readings including a particularly descriptive passage about a boy with super-powered snot that had myself and the children laughing into our webcams! He then recommended some books for the children that he had read over lockdown and there was excitement in our group chat at this point with children declaring their intentions to buy them ALL! After this, Dan held a Q and A session and children that had once seemed shy and wary of this new way of communication turned into journalists; grilling Dan with all manner of questions that he expertly answered.

Our Google Classroom was buzzing afterwards with comments such as ‘That video call was sooooooo good!’ and ‘I can’t wait to read Dan Worsley’s new book. It sounded well funny!’ It is no exaggeration to say that Dan provided us with a funny, insightful and inspiring experience that provided some much needed joy in a very difficult time and I would thoroughly recommend any school to book a session.”
Chris Oates, Marsden Primary


If you would like more information or to book a visit, please email me directly at or use the contact form on the website.

Author assembly

When a book is launched, I design a new author assembly. This consists of a 35-minute session in which I explain to the pupils how the book was created. I talk about the writing process and explain how Martin creates the illustrations and cover. It also features a live storytelling performance of one of my ‘Impossible Tales’ and concludes with a Q & A. The assembly is inspirational and aspirational, reading for pleasure is promoted and lots of writing tips are shared. In primaries, a book signing accompanies the session.

Dan in School

Virtual session

Zoom, Skype and Google Meet work really well for virtual visits. I’m happy to have a chat about life as a writer and storyteller, answer the children’s questions and share extracts from the books. Plus, you don’t even have to make me a brew in the staffroom!

Dan Skype Session

Storytelling session

During the storytelling sessions, I put on the superpowered storytelling waistcoat and use a variety of props to perform a selection of my weird and wacky ‘Impossible Tales’. Crime-fighting wigs. Pirate adventures. Stomach-churning mishaps. Mutated mucus. It’s all covered, along with much, much more, in my mind-blowing Tales. Prepare to laugh, be shocked and most importantly be entertained and spellbound! Audience numbers are only limited by the size of the space in which the storytelling session is taking place.

Dan Storytelling Session

Writing workshop

My writing workshops are fast-paced and engaging. They cover different aspects of narrative writing including characterisation, use of humour, setting and creating tension, to name but a few. Using my background as a primary teacher, along with my passion for writing, I guide the pupils as they pick apart a short piece of text from one of my stories, plan their own version after lots of discussion and support them as they start work on a first draft. Lots of SPaG, author intent and comprehension elements are incorporated throughout, along with a huge dollop of creativity. The sessions are aimed at one class-size group of pupils at a time and last for approximately 70 minutes. Timings can be tweaked as required.

If you would like to make a booking or for more information, including fees, please contact me directly via email at or use the contact form.

Dan Writing Workshop