Visiting schools is the best part of writing for children. I offer a range of activities and regularly visit primary and high schools across the North West of England, delivering half-day sessions.
** Please note that all dates w/c 4th March 2019 are fully booked, including World Book Day **
Details about the sessions can be found below:

Author assembly

When a book is launched, I design a new author assembly. This consists of a 40-minute session in which I explain to the pupils how the book was created. I talk about the writing process and explain how Martin creates the illustrations and cover. It also features a live storytelling performance of one of my ‘Impossible Tales’ and concludes with a Q & A. The assembly is inspirational and aspirational, reading for pleasure is promoted and lots of writing tips are shared. In primaries, a book signing accompanies the session.

Dan in School

Skype session

Although my school visits are limited to the North West, I love skyping schools further afield. Skype sessions work really well and I’m happy to have a chat about life as a writer and storyteller, answer the children’s questions and share extracts from the books.

Dan Skype Session

Storytelling session

During the storytelling sessions, I put on the storytelling waistcoat to perform a selection of my ‘Impossible Tales’. These sessions can last anything between 15 and 40 minutes, but timings can be tweaked. Numbers are only limited by the size of the space in which the storytelling session is taking place.

Dan Storytelling Session

Writing workshop

My writing workshops cover different aspects of story writing including characterisation, use of humour, setting and creating tension, to name but a few. The pupils pull apart a short piece of text from one of my stories, plan their own version after lots of brainstorming and discussion and start work on a first draft. The sessions are aimed at one class-size group of pupils at a time and last for approximately 70 minutes. Again, timings can be tweaked.

If you would like me to visit your school or for more information including fees, please use the contact form on the website.

Dan Writing Workshop