Eric Appleby came to life after I combined my love of action movies with my experiences of working in schools. I thought it would be really cool to set an action-packed story in a school and after lots of thinking and planning, Eric’s adventure became reality in September 2015.

After writing lots of short stories for Impossible Tales, I wanted to write a longer story which was a little different. I didn’t feel I could do Eric’s story justice in a short story, so he got a book all of his own. I have the sequel mapped out so you’ll definitely be seeing Eric again sometime in the future.

The book features illustrations by Martin Spore, a talented illustrator. Martin’s fantastic illustrations add another dimension to the story and it was a pleasure to work with him. He also designed the book cover, which I think looks splendid.[/vc_column_text]

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A grand yarn which will leave you loving Eric – the lost boy who comes good. Dan tells the story with tension and more than the odd dash of humour. A highly recommended read. Will entertain you whether 7 or 70!”

“Fabulous book. We met Dan when he came to school and he inspired my son so much so he wanted to buy his books with an Amazon voucher he got for Christmas. Loves reading both books (more than once and they live on his bed he reads them so much!) and can’t wait for the next one……”


“What a great read – children will love the ups and downs that Eric faces and it’s lovely that he triumphs! I am sure that children and adults alike will recognise the sad character he starts out as but that everyone has some skill to offer in life and they can shine through when given the opportunity – a lovely read – can’t wait for the next episode.”

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