This was my second visit to Fleetwood High School. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my writing adventure with Year 7 in 2016, so I was excited about returning.

It was so lovely to hear the students saying ‘hello’ as they entered the hall. Many of them remembered me from primary visits as I have been to most of the schools in Fleetwood.

During the session, I explained how the stories were created and shared Martin’s illustrations and cover designs. The students even got to see the storytelling waistcoat as I shared a Tale from the new book. I love telling the new story, which is a real stomach-churner, and the reaction I received was perfect. It’s was a mixture of groans and laughs!

It was a joy to share my new book with the students at Fleetwood High School. Thanks to Mrs Clempson for inviting me along. I look forward to sharing Eric’s new adventure when I next visit.