I visited St Thomas’ C of E Primary, St Annes, in November 2016 and had a fantastic time sharing my books. For that reason, I was really excited about returning to write with some of the pupils.

The morning started in Year 6. The children had read ‘Blown Away’ from the first collection of Impossible Tales, so I was keen to know what they thought and what they could remember. I was thrilled to bits that the children remembered all of the details. They had enjoyed the story about a kid with chronic wind and it had given them a laugh. Excellent!

After pulling apart the final few paragraphs of the story the children brainstormed alternative ways of bringing my story to a close. Some of their ideas blew me away and I must admit I was gutted I couldn’t add them to my original story! Plans were created before they set off writing their own endings. It was lovely to finish the session by handing over my storytelling waistcoat to some of the children as they read aloud to the class.

I caught my breath then popped next door to Year 5 to see what they could create. The children were just as enthusiastic as the Year 6 pupils and the time whizzed by. Ideas were shared, plans created and alternative endings written. I always think it’s a magic moment when the pupils are so keen to stand up and share their work, proud about what they have produced.

My morning at St Thomas’ C of E Primary was great. The pupils were ace and their enthusiasm for writing was just fantastic to see. It was an absolute joy to write with them and hopefully I’ll be able to display some examples of the children’s writing on here after they have finished their writes and completed some editing. I’d like to thank Miss Meredith for inviting me back. Hopefully I’ll get to visit again when Eric 2 launches later this year.