I’d visited St Mary’s quite a few times and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, so it was great to return. The children listened every so well and laughed and groaned in all of the right places during the story. Thanks go to Mrs Sewell for organising the visit.

A year ago, I visited Thames Primary to share Impossible Tales. It was lovely to return to introduce the children to Eric Appleby. The pupils saw the illustrations from the pencil sketches to the final pictures and even played spot the difference. I talked through each of the edited manuscripts and I don’t think the pupils will complain again about editing their work once! I’d like to thank Miss Hastings for organising the visit.

IMG_0426 IMG_0427

The half term closed with a visit to Holy Family Primary in Blackpool. It was a pleasure to share the new book and tell the pupils one of the new Tales. It’s a particularly horrible story that features cow poo! The children reacted perfectly and it was a joy to see their reactions. Thanks to Mrs Unsworth for organising the session.