Another busy few days saw school visits to three more schools to share the new book and talk about reading, writing and chasing dreams.

Our Lady of the Assumption Primary is a lovely place and I have visited many times since I started out on my writing adventure. It was lovely to return to share ‘More Impossible Tales’ with the KeyStage 2 pupils. I explained how the ideas for the Tales developed into stories and talked the pupils through the process from the first drafts to the edited final pieces of writing. The children saw the illustrations at their various stages and the session was rounded off with some storytelling. I had a great time and the pupils were ace. Big thanks to Mrs Burrows for organising the event and coming into school to watch the assembly on her day off. Amazing!


Roseacre Primary is a large school in Blackpool. I was invited along to share the new book and I had a cracking time. The first session saw the new Tales shared with Year 3 and 4. The pupils heard about the new batch of stories and even got to hear one of the most disgusting Tales featuring a particularly nasty encounter with cow poo! After catching my breath, I repeated the session for Year 5 and 6. Phew! What a busy morning. I had a great time and the pupils were a joy to work with. Thanks to Miss McIndoe for inviting me and organising the session so effectively.

I packed my storytelling waistcoat and headed to Norbreck Primary. This was my third visit to Norbreck and I never fail to enjoy myself. The school is large and once the 300+ pupils had filled the hall, I explained the writing process involved in creating the new book. Martin’s amazing cover design was revealed, plus the early sketches and drafts of the illustrations. Fortunately, we didn’t see any of the children’s breakfasts return as I shared a particularly stomach-churning story from the new book. The children listened really well and all of the ‘urghs’ were in the right places, which was ace. Big thanks to Mrs Hancock for organising the session.

Three more schools visited and ‘More Impossible Tales’ has been shared with another 800+ children. Fantastic!