The final half term of the year kicked off with two author assemblies.

First stop was St Teresa’s with Year 2 to Year 6. It was my first visit since More Impossible Tales launched, so I showed the children the manuscripts and talked about the editing process. They also got to see Martin’s fantastic illustrations during the different stages of development. To finish the session, I put on the storytelling waistcoat and shared one of the stories from the book. The children (and staff) laughed at all the right bits! They were ace. It was lovely to return later in the week for a book signing.

It had been nearly two years since I last visited Hambleton Primary, so I had lots to tell the children. After introducing Eric and his story, I shared the new Tales. The forty-five minutes whizzed by and it was a joy to share my writing adventure with the KS2 pupils. Some of the pupils returned after school for the book signing and it was great to chat a little more.

Thanks to Mrs Garrett at St Teresa’s and Miss Allen at Hambleton for inviting me. I had a great time at both schools.


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