Some of my visits take me all over the North West, but Carleton Green is very close to home – literally round the corner from my house! It brings a whole new meaning to ‘local author’.

It had been over a year since I had last visited with Eric Appleby so it was fab to return to lead an assembly and share More Impossible Tales. After discussing qualities I think an author needs to succeed, the children saw the original manuscripts in their various stages of development as well as Martin’s illustrations. To finish off the session, I put on the storytelling waistcoat to perform one of the Tales. The children’s reactions were perfect and I was thrilled they enjoyed the story.

It was lovely to return later in the week for a book signing. It gave me a chance to chat a little more and answer a few more questions. I hope the children who bought books enjoy reading them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Carleton Green Primary and would like to thank Mrs McGrath for inviting me in to share the new Tales. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to return with Eric when his new book is published.



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