After visiting to deliver the session in 2016, it was lovely to return to Waterloo Primary to share some spooky stories and talk to the current Year 4 pupils about writing scary stories.

I put the storytelling waistcoat on and started the session with a story that features a Halloween dare and an abandoned old house. The children listened really well as the tension was cranked up and a few jumpy moments were thrown in for good measure!

We then unpicked the story using text displayed on the class smartboard and looked at the ideas that made it spooky. The children spotted lots of description and language they liked, which will hopefully prove useful in their own spooky story writing.

To finish the session, I performed ‘Chewed Up’ from my first book. It features a set of false teeth that come to life in a lightning storm and go on the rampage. It takes place on a dark stormy night, so I thought it fitted well with the spooky theme.

The children were fab, the hour whizzed by and it was a pleasure to work with them. I wish them well with their own spooky writing and hopefully I’ll get to see some of the finished pieces later in the term.