All I seem to hear at the minute is news about libraries closing. When I heard that a new library was opening at Lytham Hall Park Primary, I jumped at the chance to join the celebrations.

My afternoon was spent writing with Year 6. The pupils had read one of the new Tales, ‘Snapshock’, before my visit. I started off by performing the story and recapping the main events. We then focussed on a short extract from the story, pulling it apart and highlighting any vocabulary or description the pupils liked. The next stage involved lots of talking and planning as the pupils created their own version. The ideas were fantastic and the children’s energy and enthusiasm for writing had be buzzing! Finally, the children made a start on their first drafts. It was great to hand over the storytelling waistcoat at the end as some of the pupils shared their writing.

After school, it was lovely to see the library officially opened by the mayor and sign some books. I wish the children many happy hours reading.

I’d like to thank Miss Ainsworth for inviting me and setting up the afternoon. I had a great time at Lytham Hall Park!